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We help companies grow their revenue by providing top-tier PPC, CRO and Inbound Marketing consulting.

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The knowledge of the Facebook platform and the professionalism with which they managed the process from start to finish was amazing. They were accountable to a very high level.
Courtney Kirschbaum
Founder & CEO, Kirschbaum Intl. Ltd.


Want to get better results from your pay-per-click advertising? We help you optimize your audiences, test new creatives and we research what is working in your industry to achieve the highest possible PPC performance.


Want traffic that converts? We help you create and understand web design made to improve your brand image while giving the sky-high conversion rate. You will learn how to create the best user interface and incredible user experience.

Inbound Marketing

Want to start attracting customers instead of chasing them? Our inbound strategies aim to bring high quality traffic that converts to your website, and nurture a solid relationship with your customers using helpful, targeted and easy on the eye content.

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This is what you get

Recorded Zoom consulting calls

Every consulting call is recorded and sent to you via email so you can refer back to them when applying our strategies.

Private Slack for communication

We create a private Slack workspace with all the necessary channels to perfectly organize our consulting.

Text message responsiveness

Got a quick question for us? We're reactive during working hours throughout the week.

Laid out strategy PDFs

We provide monthly PDF documents to help you better understand the strategies to implement. You can refer to these documents at all times.

Up-to-date knowledge

We're always on top of trends, updates and the latest PPC, CRO and inbound marketing tactics. You will benefit from those.


Our consulting’s first aim is to make you earn more money. We’re not here to show off our knowledge, we’re here for you and your goals.

Personalized advice

Every piece of advice we give is a bridge between our experience, your goals and your company. Everything we do is tailor made for your needs.

"Their communication skills and ability to break down marketing concepts to any stakeholder are why we trust SH1FT."
Simon Dorvil
Product Manager, Bureau Billy

Companies we've helped

Zone C was looking to improve their email marketing & social media management practices to improve the results for their client.

Social Media House, a Toronto marketing agency, wanted to improve the Facebook ads results they were generating for their clients.

Courtney already had amazing success on LinkedIn for her courses and mentorship, but she was interested in the scalability of Facebook advertising. We helped her set up strong landing pages and Facebook ads strategy.

Homestone wanted to improve their email marketing revenue using Klaviyo. They knew how to set up email marketing, but wanted to know how they could constantly improve their results over time.


SH1FT consulting is better than most consulting companies because we do what we preach. We’re not here researching about things we don’t know online to regurgitate some weak advice. We don’t take projects where we’re not sure we can truly help.

We charge between $75 to $150 per hour for consulting at SH1FT. Our price depends on the length of the contract and the complexity of the project.

You can work with SH1FT on a per hour basis or on a longer term which might be beneficial cost wise.

Yes, we can train your entire team to level their PPC, CRO & Inbound marketing skills. We can do presentations, one-on-one trainings and progress mentoring.